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Tram Advertising

When it launched in 2000, the Croydon tram network finally connected locations not served by London Underground with each other and the capital’s transport network. It also opened up new advertising opportunities, and the chance for brands to reach a whole new audience in new ways.

Tram Advertising – Trams although not as abundant as other transport advertising formats, tram advertising still offers great advertising opportunities and high footfall locations. The range of formats available to Tram advertising gives a wide range to suit your advertising campaign from formats such as station posters/billboards and interior headliner panels to full tram carriage wraps.

Statistics show that 65% of Tram users are currently in a professional occupation ensuring for a high income. The average time spent at a tram stop is normally on average 7-8 minutes waiting for the Tram to arrive.

Not only exclusive to London, Tram advertising opportunities are available in Manchester, Sheffield and the Midlands.

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  • High Dwell Time

    Trams offer a chance to target inner city positions that other transport advertising formats cant access due to the Tram systems running through pedestrianised areas.

  • Affluent

    65% of Tram users are in a professional occupation. With a higher income your audience can ensure to spend more on your brand when you communicate with them.

  • Working 9-5

    Planning a recruitment campaign? 58% of tram users across the UK use them to commute to work.

  • Dwell Time

    The average time spent at a tram stop is normally on average 7-8 minutes. Giving perfect opportunities for engaging your target audience.


We provide you with different formats to choose from to give you the freedom you need.

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