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Taxi Advertising

We at London Transport Advertising can help you reach your target audience when it comes to taxi advertising. With a range of taxi formats to choose from, taxi advertising gives you the ultimate creative opportunity for your campaign. We will ensure to get your message in front of public on the street with your taxi campaign in the UK.

Taxi Advertising – Without a doubt across the UK, the black cab is an iconic image, what better way to give your campaign the extra step by placing your campaign on these memorable vehicles. Taxi advertising is viewed by millions of people up and down the United Kingdom everyday showing a range of advertising formats.

Most of the time, taxi drivers will ply their trade in high footfall areas that will give them the best chance of picking up their next fare. High streets, train stations, areas with plenty of bars and restaurants. That spells good news for you, because it means more people will get to see your taxi-based messaging.

Each taxi will travel hundreds of miles every week and travel to locations that other advertising formats such as bus advertising will reach. Whether its a city centre, rail station or a popular bar and club location at a weekend. Taxi advertising has a perfect opportunity to reach a huge audience.

90% of taxi passengers are ABC1 and will spend over 20 minutes travelling in the comfort of a black cab, this gives perfect dwell time to allow you brand message to give a impact to the public.

Want to find out how we can create the most effective taxi-based messaging for your business? Hail our London Transport Advertising team to make a start on you campaign on 0208 108 4115

  • High Dwell Time

    The average journey time for a taxi journey is around 20 minutes, a perfect opportunity to connect with your target audience.

  • Unique Opportunities

    Taxis offers unique advertising formats unlike any other format which is based across the UK. Taxi advertising travels with your target audience to their destinations.

  • High Quantity

    London currently plays host to around a whopping 21,000 black cabs across the entirety of the capital.

  • Audience Targeting

    The black cab is a British icon, which is perfect for targeting high footfall retail locations by utilising taxi ranks across the UK, located to key areas in city centres.


We provide you with different formats to choose from to give you the freedom you need.

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