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Bus Advertising

London Transport Advertising provides you access to over 400 bus advertising depots nationwide, reaching the everyday population at key touch points throughout their daily journeys.

There are over 5.2 billion bus journeys taken each year across the United Kingdom. 55% of this audience are ABC1 which increases to 61% in London. This provides an opportunity to achieve mass reach and impact to an attentive audience, with over 30 million people seeing a bus advert in the last week alone.

Bus advertising achieves more than just frequency and reach, it is also a welcomed form of advertising which drives response with 73% of people saying they prefer to see advertisements on buses and 80% of consumers responding to an advert whilst travelling via bus.

With bus advertising, on average 67% of consumers notice and recall campaign messages. By advertising on buses with London Transport Advertising, we can ensure your brand gets recognised, whether it be on a local or national scale.

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  • Mass Impact

    There are over 5.2 billion passengers every year in the United Kingdom alone, with 2.3 billion in London alone.

  • Responsive Audience

    Just over 74% of  bus passengers have looked up or purchased a product as a result of seeing bus advertising.

  • Affluent

    London bus passengers earn 53% more than the national average per year and 74% of the bus audience are ABC1.

  • Memorable

    Bus passengers are 6 times more likely to remember a brand they have seen during their journey.


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